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 NM Falconers' Picnic:  IT's HAPPENING!

Details will be posted here when they are available! 

The 2021 Falconers' picnic and raffle will be held on Saturday, August 7 from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  The grill and soft drinks will be provided, but please bring a side or dessert to share, and something for the raffle.  For the location and directions, contact us.

New Mexico Falconers' Kestrel Box Project

The NM kestrel box project is a joint effort between the New Mexico Falconers' Association and the Wildlife Center in Espanola.  The falconers allotted $500 at our annual meeting last year and the Wildlife Center is donating $250.  We built our boxes on March 23rd when we had a half dozen folks working all day and we were able to produce 60 boxes.  In addition to our 60 boxes, the Wildlife Center has built an additional 20 boxes to distribute around northern NM.  The purpose of the project is to get some hard data on the status of kestrels in NM, and to provide that data to the Peregrine Fund via their American Kestrel Partnership.  We are asking volunteers who take a box to participate in this program and log their box and observations on the P-fund site.  I have created a user group on the site called the "New Mexico Kestrel Box Monitoring Network" where volunteers can share information and ask questions.  This effort is still in its infancy and we hope that in coming seasons we can build momentum, continue to build and distribute boxes and create a broad network across the state.  This is a great outreach program for all involved.  In coming years I hope to expand the effort to include more schools and get students involved.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and braved the intense winds to build kestrel boxes. We got an early start and finished up around 3pm, meeting our goal of 60 boxes; nice work everyone! We had quite the assembly line set up and we were able to crank through the boxes very efficiently.

Special thanks to Becky & Greg Rabourn for letting us use their house, make a huge mess, and especially for Becky's awesome home cooking.  We ate like kings; delicious red chile enchiladas, pintos, red chile, and all kinds of delicious treats made by Becky and Barbara to hold us over through the cold wind and dust.

If you or anyone you know would like to participate by setting up a box and monitoring it, please contact us.  I have 21 boxes at my house, and Greg has 27 at his, the rest went home with the volunteers.  

Here is a list of yesterday's builders & helpers:

Lem - new guy wanting to get into the sport
Mike & Owen Melloy
Barbara & Ray
Mike Sayamontry and his two boys
Terry Fields and his two girls
Terence & Byron Wright
Greg & Becky Rabourn
Paul Domski

If I forgot anyone, I apologize, please update the list. Probably the best part of the day was in the afternoon when we got all of the kids out to help build the final few boxes, they had blast drilling holes and using the screw guns. 

Afterward the kids put all of the round blocks cut out with the hole saw to good use, and they built all kinds of cool cars and even a skateboard. Who needs ipods and computer games when you can play with wood and power tools?


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